Ford Service Credit Card 2019

Ford dealerships offer a Ford Service credit card that customers can use to pay for repairs as well as parts and accessories, tires, extended service plans and more.

The card, offered in partnership with Citibank, is offered only through participating Ford dealerships, so if you want to apply, you’ll need to visit a dealership for an application.

Ford Service Credit Card 2019

Beyond offering credit, the card can often be used to get short-term 0% financing, meaning large purchases may qualify to be financed at 0% for a period of 6 or 12 months. (But be sure to pay it all off by the 6 or 12 months, or you’ll be charged all the interest that would’ve accumulated since the date of purchase!)

Last we looked, the card was also offering a $25 mail-in rebate every time customers use the card to buy at least $250 worth of parts and/or service. (You get a $25 prepaid card as your rebate; the rebate can not be used as Ford Service Card payment.) Special rebates on certain tire brands are often available as well when you purchase with the card. You may be offered one or more of these deals if you apply at a dealership.

The interest rate on the Ford Service credit card is 29.74%! That’s ridiculously high!!! So don’t get the card and start charging like crazy — use it for the initial rebate or if you have a serious repair emergency, but do your best to keep it paid off or the interest charges will eat you alive.