Are Credit One And Capital One The Same Company?

Keeping companies straight in the financial world can get confusing. Banks tend to use the same words repeatedly in their names. Just think how many banks have some combination of the following words in their name: “First”, “National”, “America”, “Financial”, “World, “City”, “Capital”, “U.S.”, “Credit”, and, of course, “Bank”.

Credit One And Capital One bank

Two banks that sometimes get mixed up among consumers are Capital One and Credit One Bank. However, despite the fact that they both have “One” in their names and Capital One is most known for its credit cards and they both have that boomerang swish as part of their logos, they are different banks and have no affiliation with one another.

While Capital One offers a range of credit cards to customers of all credit levels, Credit One Bank is much more likely to be offering credit cards to people with bad credit histories.

Strangely enough, there doesn’t seem to have been any legal action between the banks over the names or logos. Perhaps it’s for the very reason I mentioned above: banks so often get their names from the same pool of “bankish” words that it would probably be difficult to make the case that their names are unique enough to stop other banks from naming themselves something very similar.